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August Spotlight – Ligia Aguilar

From Chicago to Miami to New York to Orlando, Ligia came to Privé four years ago with Jaquess Desonge training to do color. What is behind this diverse and traveled mom? We found out.

Where are you originally from?

Chicago. I was born on the Southside.

What made you come to Florida?

I moved to Miami in 1997 because some friends moved down for work. Then the salon I worked for in Miami sent me to New York for a month of training at the Jaquess Desonge Academy.

How was that?

It was so amazing. He has academies all over Europe. This was was right off Park Ave. We did a lot of work with models.

How would you rate Privé to salons in Miami and New York?

Privé is the most comparable to a hip South Florida salon in Central Florida. It's the only place I would work.


It's up to the standards I'm used to working. Professional talent, organized, departmentalized. The departmentalized approach allows clients to get specialists and better results in my opinion.

So why color?

I love the color. I have always loved doing it. It came to me really quick since I was little. It is so nice to be able to fit color into a client's fashion, the color of their skin and their personality. It is part of their entire look that makes them happy.

I know you keep up with the latest trends. What are the trends you are seeing now?

The sun-kissed, beach look highlights. It's more natural and lighter on the bottom, which is similar to my training at Jaquess Desong. It's been around forever but clients seem to want it more now. It's my favorite look.

I understand you have a couple of teenagers. How is that?

It's great. I'm pretty lucky.

What do you like about it?

I always have a bunch of kids at my house. It's fun. It's like a salon in my house. Always doing something with hair.

What Olympic sport do you like to watch?

We watch gymnastics.

Places on your wish list?

France and Italy.

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