How to get those "Effortless Waves"

Step 1: What you will need- Prive Shining Weightless Amplifier, Prive Styling Gel, Prive Extended Texture Clay Wax and Prive Finishing Texture Spray. Tools- Bio Ionic Style Winder 1" curling iron, Croc hair clips, Medium size velcro rollers, Ibiza Oval paddle brush.

Step 2: First, mélange Prive Styling Gel and Prive Shining Weightless Amplifier in your hands. Then, apply to towel dried hair from root to end. At the crown, apply the Extended Texture Clay Wax (only at the roots, for extra lift).

Step 3: Power dry your hair until about 80% dry, using your hands to stretch the roots.

Step 4: Polish your ends with the Ibiza paddle brush for a smooth finish.

Step 5: Apply velcro rollers in a mohawk section, from forehead to crown, rolling them back away from your face. Spray the Prive Finishing Texture Spray over the set.

Step 6: Using the Bio Ionic 1" Style Winder curling iron, curl the remaining hair away from your face. *TIP- Let the curl cool down before touching it so it has a chance to set.

Step 7: Take the velcro rollers down and give your hair a good shake!

Step 8: Touch up any curls as needed, then finish the look with some Prive Finishing Texture Spray.