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ColorMinded Pro Treatment Now Available!

ColorMinded is about protecting the vibrant look and feel of your just-colored hair. In celebration of the artistry of the colorist, Color Minded helps keep the shade, shine and tone true. It’s an advanced way to mind your color (and never mind the dimming or dulling).

THE COLOR MINDED COLOR PRESERVING COMPLEX is a new, proprietary two-polymer technology that covalently binds to and cross-links over color-treated hair, to help seal the hair to prevent color washout and fade. The color process opens the cuticle to deposit color into the hair shaft. If the cuticle is not sealed properly, water can enter and wash away a new color, as soon as the first shampoo (which is when the most color washout happens).

ColorMind adds shine and vibrancy for up to 40 shampoos to prolong brilliance! It's non-damaging and.....It's safe.

Anyone who colors his or her hair should make an appointment to get this fabulous treatment done after their color application.

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