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February Spotlight – Jamie Steen – Sr. Colorist

Jamie Steen is one of only a couple of staff members at Privé that has started the day it opened in 2006. I sat down with her to see what makes Privé so special and what is trending in hair these days.

So you have been at Privé since the beginning here in Orlando. What is it about Privé? I noticed there are a lot of staff members that have been there for several years.

I think it is because of just that. We have been here for years and it results in a cohesive and team-oriented environment. Everyone likes each other. So it makes it fun and productive. It is also high energy and elegant at the same time. For me, the departmentalization is what I learned around what I prefer. It's just better for the client.

You have also been doing color since Privé opened. Why Color?

It is like art to me. Nothing is exactly the same. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I like the way I can transform people. I really feel anyone can look good in any color. It's all about the right shading.

I hear you just got married. How is that going?

It's awesome. I got to marry my best friend.

Has it changed you?

Not really. Maybe settled us both down a little.

What are you busiest with right now? What is popular?

Everyone seems to be busy with express treatments. They are popular right now. They are quick, like, 5 minutes quick. They save time and money.


The thing about express treatments is that they condition the hair and helps it mend. For example, the new Kerastase Fusio-Dose can provide a solution to more than one problem area in the hair. It can really transform the integrity of the hair. Because of the multiple solutions, it reduces the number of individual treatments. Kind of killing two birds with one stone.

Do you have specific goals for 2012?

I'd like to take more classes. Specific classes on blonde, redhead and brunette. Expand my knowledge and make myself better for my clients.

Personal Goals?

Go to Denver!

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