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How to get those “Effortless Waves”

Step 1: What you will need- Prive Shining Weightless Amplifier, Prive Styling Gel, Prive Extended Texture Clay Wax and Prive Finishing Texture Spray. Tools- Bio Ionic Style Winder 1" curling iron, Croc hair clips, Medium size velcro rollers, Ibiza Oval paddle brush.

Step 2: First, mélange Prive Styling Gel and Prive Shining Weightless Amplifier in your hands. Then, apply to towel-dried hair from root to end. At the crown, apply the Extended Texture Clay Wax (only at the roots, for an extra lift).

Step 3: Power dries your hair until about 80% dry, using your hands to stretch the roots.

Step 4: Polish your ends with the Ibiza paddle brush for a smooth finish.

Step 5: Apply velcro rollers in a mohawk section, from forehead to crown, rolling them back away from your face. Spray the Prive Finishing Texture Spray over the set.

Step 6: Using the Bio Ionic 1" Style Winder curling iron, curl the remaining hair away from your face. *TIP- Let the curl cool down before touching it so it has a chance to set.

Step 7: Take the velcro rollers down and give your hair a good shake!

Step 8: Touch up any curls as needed, then finish the look with some Prive Finishing Texture Spray.

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