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How To Keep Your Blowout Rocking for a Few Extra Days

How To Keep Your Blowout Rocking for a Few Extra Days
As we all know, there is no better feeling than leaving the salon with a fresh bouncing blowout. Your hair feels lighter than air with all kinds of fabulous volume and waves that you simply cannot get at home. But the one downfall of a bouncing blowout is its pending expiration date. Today we wanted to share a few quick tips on how to prolong your blowout to keep it looking fresh just a little while longer.

The biggest mistake that people make after a blowout is lying down and going to sleep without proper preparation. Before you lay your head on a pillow, you have to make sure you prep your blowout to look fabulous tomorrow. We suggest pulling your hair up into one loose bun on top of your head or parting your hair down the middle and rolling both sides into a loose bun on top of your head. This practice will not only enhance the bounce, but it will also even add a bit of extra volume the next morning.

Beauty Invention Prive Dry Shampoo
The next suggestion we have is to apply your dry shampoo properly. Although dry shampoo is the perfect product to help maintain your blowout, it can definitely do more harm than good when used incorrectly. We suggest parting your hair midway through, spraying dry shampoo just below the scalp and rubbing it in. Avoiding contact with your scalp is a must when using dry shampoo. We also suggest avoiding your main part line as the dry shampoo could be visible in that area.

Another tip for dry shampoo is to use it to freshen up your hairline. Apply your dry shampoo as needed, then take a moment to slightly wet the front pieces of your hair then re-blow dry to freshen up your look. The back of your hair will usually go unnoticed, but the face-framing parts couldn't be more important!

Last but not least, we suggest keeping your hands away from your hair. Hands and fingers particularly produce natural oils that get into your hair and make it look greasy. Although your hair feels fresh and fab after a blowout, we suggest minimal finger to hair interaction, as that will definitely help to prolong the clean light feel of your blowout.

So next time you head into Privé Salon for an appointment, make sure you grab a bottle of Privé Products Dry Shampoo and savor that fabulous blowout for a day or two longer!

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