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January Spotlight – Erica G – Sr. Stylist

What do you think attributes to your loyal customer base? You seem to have a packed schedule.

I think it is because I listen. I also incorporate my style and techniques pretty consistently, which clients seem to really like.

Are the techniques different? What techniques?

They are different in a way because I have had lots of training to do what I do in my approach. The Prive Academy has taught me things, for example, like to texturize while hair is wet so hair falls into place when it dries. It grows out really nice. My techniques also save time and money because they don't have to come back in two weeks.

How do you handle such a huge daily schedule?

Well, I do 30-minute haircuts. It's the technique that allows me to do a haircut in 30 minutes without sacrificing quality. I can fit more people in. I feel my clients appreciate my approach to their hair, and to their time. They send me lots of referrals, which is the best way to build a loyal following.

What is your most popular treatment?

The new Concern-Straight Pro treatment is really starting to catch on. It is for all hair types and it "de-frizzes" and smoothes your hair while keeping the body.

How is it different from Keratin?

It is natural. No dyes. It also has a 24-hour downtime as opposed to a 48-hour downtime of when you can wash it, as Keratin does. It is also less expensive. They are both great and effective. It is based on preference and we like to offer another option for clients who are sensitive to chemicals. It is Bumble and Bumble's own technology.

So do you prefer to cut and style more men or women?

Women. Men are too picky. :)

For more information about the Bumble and Bumble Concen-Straight Pro treatments or for a free consultation, call Privé and ask for any of their specialists.

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