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July Spotlight – Marie Decayette

You don't have to sit in Marie's chair to know who she is. In fact, she is hard to miss due to her trademark: her hair. Big beautiful black locks and braids wrapped up, including a matching smile.

I caught up with her to see what was behind all that.

There seems to be a lot of talk about Prive in and around Orlando. Why do you think that is? What do you think makes it different?

Privé offers classic and glamor with a touch of a modern feeling that makes it fresh and new. People like the unique vibe especially compared to what you will normally find in Orlando. The talent here is amazing.

Is that what attracted you to Privé 3 years ago?

After 10 years of styling, I was looking for a change in atmosphere, so yes. Privé reflects the Tony and Guy, European style of cutting, which is where I came from. Privé is more style-driven versus cutting and I like that style. It allows me to embrace hair more.

Hair trends come and go. What are you seeing is the current trend right now?

I am still seeing volume and curls. But I'm also starting to see more short and sheik styles which are classic with modern twists. So I see long and wavy but then I see short and classic. Total opposites. That is what is great about style and hair.

Do you do a lot of weddings?

Yes. I do a lot of brides and bridesmaids.

Do you like them?

What makes weddings great is that I am part of their special day and obviously I want to make it special for them. It does make me a little nervous, but I like it. They trust me.

What makes you good at doing weddings?

I think I do a good job incorporating the hair in with their dresses, incorporating trends, is it an indoor wedding, outside wedding? You have to make sure curls don't fall. You have to consider all that. You also have to listen as well as guide them to where they want to be but with a punch. A punch meaning incorporate current trends into how they want to look and the feel of the wedding.

You cut celebrity hair I understand.


Do you feel more pressure with celebrities?

Honestly it's really no different than anyone else sitting in my chair for the first time. Everyone is a VIP in my chair. I want to make sure I meet their expectations and make them feel important. Just do the best job I can.

What do you do in your free time and what get's you going?

My son. My son gets me going. I am just chilled and relaxed outside the salon. I also look at a lot of fashions and runway fashions. It helps me know what hair is going to be a year from now and where its going.

Sorry. I can't let you go without asking you about your hair. It is pretty amazing and unique. Is it hard to maintain?

It's pretty easy. Normal shampooing and maintaining the condition. I keep it wrapped so it keeps it kind of in unison and so forth compared to traditional twisting.

You must get a lot of comments.

Yes. People love my hair and how I wrap it. It's just me.

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