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Know Your Curls!

Know Your Curls!
Next time you head into Prive Salon, make sure you’re prepared to tell your stylists exactly what you want! With all of the different types of curls out there, natural, wavy, beachy or glam, it is sometimes hard to tell your stylist exactly what you need. Below we have pulled out our favorite curly styles to help you choose the perfect look for any occasion!

Loose and Beachy
Who hasn’t worked to get this effortless beachy look? This look is perfect for any occasion whether it be a night out with friends or a black-tie affair this looks is timeless and gorgeous on any hair type or length!

Sleek and Glamorous
Perfect for any formal event, sleek and glamorous curls will have you looking like you just stepped off the red carpet! We love this classic look for any formal occasion.

Gently Sloped
Gently sloped curls frame the face perfectly! Sloped curls are a simple way of accenting a daring make up look! Whether you go with heavy eye makeup or a gorgeous lipstick pop, the tapered look accentuates your fabulous facial features.

Slight Bends
Slight bends create another effortless and tousled look. Perfect for medium to long hair, it’s a great way to increase volume without taking your style too seriously.

Tight and Symmetrical
Taylor Swift used to rock these curls like a pro! Even though she has traded them in for a sleeker do, we still this there is a time and place for this tightly wound look.

Naturally Wavy
We love the natural wavy look for almost any occasion. It can be classy or cute, dressed up or down without being too formal or too casual. These curls make your hair look full and bouncy like Victoria’s Secret model on her way down the runway!

Tight Curls
Although this look tends to seem a bit dated, we still love these crazy curls made famous by Halle Berry and Sarah Jessica Parker in her Sex and the City days! Paired with the right style and makeup, these curls are just as current as any other look!

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