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November Spotlight – Jessica Olsen

As we come into Fall and Winter, hair extensions are in hot demand. And who better to talk extensions and the latest fall trends in hair? Jessica.

So what styles are hot this time of year?

Warm tones, long hair and a lot of movement. We are seeing a lot of big curls. Easy hair that lasts a couple of days and stuff you can do at home. It's an effortless and fun look for fall. Extensions are a great way to get that body and movement.

Why do you think extensions are so popular, especially this time of year?

This is our busiest time of year for hair extensions. Everyone has parties, holidays, family in town, family photos. People can quickly transform themselves into these styles with length, volume, we can play with color. The options are endless.

How are women finding out about hair extensions?

Often times it is word of mouth. Sometimes they see them on friends and are really amazed at the results. A lot of our extension clients know each other and it catches on.

What is important to look for when it comes to hair extensions?

Maintenance is really important and the health of the hair. People are concerned if their hair is going to be broken and damaged after they do extensions. Is it going to cost me a fortune? They want to know how it will affect the long term outcome of their hair. It is all safe and non-damaging to their hair.

What surprises people the most about extensions?

How affordable they can be. Years ago they were in the thousands and now you can get them in the hundreds, depending on what we are doing. It is much more affordable than it used to be and a lot safer than it used to be.

Are people surprised that they are real human hair?

I think once they actually see the extensions up close and see that that is the hair that is going in their hair, they start realizing how real it is and see for themselves that it is not treated. It is safe and will blend well with anyone's hair. They get excited. An when they see the finished product? It's fun.

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