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The Perfect “Up Do”

1. What you will need: Privé Products - Firm hold hairspray, grooming crème and Concept C22.

2. Start the parting from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear.

3. Take the two subsections from above the ears on both sides and let the middle fall free.

4. Use a rubber band to secure both sections (letting the middle fall free.) Use grooming crème to smooth out flyaways.

5. Use a small section behind the ear on both sides to make the braids.

6. Comb back the rubber-banded section, this will be the foundation for the rest of the shape.

7. Lift the remaining hair left out of the teasing and the braids and begin to roll the remainder over the top of the back teased area.

8. Start pinning the middle than towards the ears.

9. After the remainder of the hair is pinned, take the braids on both sides and wrap the braids around the bun.

10. Hide the pins and tuck any flyways.

11. Use firm holds hairspray to finish.

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