Hair Extensions

Long brown human hair extensions


PRIVÉ Salon offers a range of luxury hair extensions types with a staff that is highly trained in the latest techniques and trends. The hair extensions we source are made of the highest quality human hair. This allows us to not only to make a perfect color match, but to seamlessly blend and style your hair extensions to perfection. The finished results appear completely natural. With proper placement and care, your hair extensions will stay beautiful and lasting without causing damage to your natural hair.

We offer a range of hair extension methods, from easily removable extensions, such as Halo Couture and Aqua clip-in, to semi permanent options like Hair Talk tape-ins and Great Lengths cold fusion. The options are endless, and the results are stunning.

All hair extension services start with a complimentary thorough consultation to understand what your "dream hair" would look like. We discuss your final look, color selections, length, pricing and expected results. We work with only the best quality hair extensions available.




Hair Talk Hair Extensions (formerly known as Hot Heads) are the fastest and most simple "tape-in" hair extension offered. Hair Talk is 100% Indian remy, human hair, providing maximum density and volume. They are applied in 1.5 or 1 inch sections to your normal hair, allowing for equal weight and a completely comfortable flat attachment. With a touch-up every two months, this hair is reusable up to 3 times, giving you top value and longevity. The end result is a completely safe, natural blending of texture and flawless color.


Clip in hair extensions most commonly come in as a long strand of one contoured piece that is cut to create multiple layers, to add length and volume. This technique is the least permanent and can be worn for an entire day with the ability to take them off to sleep, making them completely re-usable. With less than an hours application time and minimal on going maintenance, this makes clip in hair extensions the perfect option for those who want to test the hair extension waters.


Great Lengths brand are the peak in luxury for hair extensions. These award winning extensions offer the most styling versatility and unsurpassed hair quality. They are applied by hand in quarter inch sections with non-damaging cold fusion, with a keratin bond. This fusion provides the most natural look and the longest wear on the market. These extensions come in 6 lengths and 68 colors to choose from are designed for wear for 3-5 months with 6-8 week touch up appointments, giving you last lasting volume, length and satisfaction. Great Lengths are BTC Stylist Choice Award Winner 9 years in a row.


Micro ring (aka micro bead) hair extensions use small rings or beads to attach the extension to small sections of natural hair. Without the use of adhesives or heat to attach the hair extension, this makes micro beads one the most non-damaging semi-permanent options available. As your natural hair grows, re-positioning will be needed every 6-8 weeks to keep the extension nearest your scalp. Typical application time runs 3-4 hours, but you're left with one of the most natural options available.


  • Are hair extensions damaging to my own hair?
    When properly applied and cared for, hair extensions are very safe. Your stylist will explain in detail how to care for your new hair extensions.
  • Do they look natural?
    Yes! Our stylists and colorists work closely together to ensure a perfect match, every time. The color, quality, and texture of the hair extensions we offer are unmatched.
  • Are hair extensions reusable?
    In most cases, yes.
  • Can I style my hair as usual?
    Yes, we use 100% natural human hair. The high quality hair extensions we provide ensures that various styling routines and the use of hot tools are completely safe.
  • Can I color my own hair?
    Yes, our color team is well versed in matching and maintaining your hair color throughout the life of your hair extensions.
  • How much does it cost?
    We start as low as $300. Since we offer a range of hair extensions, our pricing ranges as well. Pricing specifics and other details can be discussed in our complementary consultations.
  • How quickly can I get hair extensions?
    We offer same day appointments and hair extension application can range from 1-6 hours depending on the type, brand and hair goal.
  • How long do hair extensions last?
    Depending on the method selected, most long wear options will last 3-6 months. This sometimes requires additional maintenance to keep the safety and quality of your hair looking gorgeous.