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Tips to Style Your Wet Hair

Tips to Style Your Wet Hair
Even though summer is almost over, there is still plenty of beach and pool time left here in the Sunshine State! That also means struggling of keeping your hair presentable, especially at that moment when the last-minute decision is made to go out in public, say dinner or a fun beach bar. Now what? Your hair is a MESS and you certainly don’t have time to clean up!

Here are some tricks of the trade to keep your hair perfectly undone during these fun days of summer:

Pre-Pool/Beach: It is crucial to plan accordingly. This includes packing that bag with sunscreen, a hat, bobby pins, hair elastics, and a comb.

Slick-Backed Style: While your hair is wet, apply a generous amount of gel and distribute it by combing through your scalp with your fingers. For a more structured look follow with a fine-tooth comb. It is best to use a gel that doesn’t leave your hair crunchy, like Kerastase Lift Vertige.

The Messy Top-Knot: Avoid damaging your wet hair with tight elastic bands, instead opt for bobby pins or a snag-free clear elastic band. Take your hair and coil it into a cute top knot and anchor it with your pins or elastic band. Keep it loose and tousled for a carefree yet polished look.

Braids: Braids are perfect for wet hair. They keep your hair tangle-free and out of your face – which can be a challenge on a windy day at the beach. Get creative. Try a bohemian fishtail braid, which looks great even when you don’t brush your hair. Try one big braid, two side braids, lots of small braids, or a low braided chignon. The possibilities are endless, so play with it!

All of the Blondes Out There: Keep it blonde. Use caution when swimming in a pool as the chlorine can turn your hair green (eek!). One trick is to apply your favorite conditioner to your hair before you enter a pool. This will help protect it. And it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with your colorist at the end of summer to get your color back to perfect.

Beach Waves: When you get out of the ocean or pool, simply secure your hair into a top bun with some bobby pins. Make it messy, tug on it a little, even pull a few pieces out. Once dry, take it down and tousle it with your fingers (do not brush it). The results will leave your hair simple and wavy.

So when you head to that next pool party or beach day, go prepared to look your hair looking great all day!

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