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January Spotlight – Rosie

Being new isn't all that easy. But for Rosie, it has been a way of life growing up a military brat. New to Prive? Yes. New to the industry? Not quite. I sat down with the 13-year styling veteran, certified cutting instructor and cosmetology educator to see how her experience got her to Prive.

How long have you been in styling and what made you interested in working at Prive?

I have been in cosmetology and styling for 13 years. I was an educator at Toni and Guy and knew a lot of people from there who came to Prive. I have always wanted to work here. Prive is known for editorial work and high-end clientele. It is known for great customer service which is the key element to a great salon. I want to give my clients the Prive customer service they expect.

What makes Prive special?

It is the specialty department. It is a departmentalized salon and has people performing services that are masters in their craft. Prive also provides great training and education. Clients are going to get the best trained and up to date professionals on current trends and techniques.

You were nominated for Hair Stylist Of The Year for RAW in Miami. What was RAW all about?

RAW is a collaboration of different kinds of artists, musicians, hairstylists, jewelry makers, photographers, etc. They do a collaborative showcase of work and put a show together. It's a nice way to promote your work and people can get to know what you do.

You were also an educator?

Yes. I worked as an educator at Paul Mitchell, Aveda, Redkin and Toni, and Guy. I love the teaching aspect of cutting and styling and really helping new stylists master techniques and styles. That is what also drew me to Prive. I think education and training is important and they really believe in that here.

Do you have a specialty or a style you love to do as a stylist?

I definitely love to do updos. I'm really artistic in that kind of sense. That is the most creative expression you can bring to hair in my opinion.

What made you want to cut hair and get into cosmetology?

I actually a military brat and moved to Orlando. I went to get a haircut at the military base and saw a commercial for Vidal Sason. I loved it and knew that is what I wanted to do. I liked how you make a connection with a client. Everyone needs their hair done and it is one of the biggest expressions anyone has is their hair. We can make or break someone's day. We have a big influence on everybody's day to day lifestyle and I love that.

So a military brat? You must have lived in a lot of places.

Yes, a ton of places. All over the world.

What was your favorite or most interesting place to live?

Definitely Germany. It had the most culture. The most different experience. Being around Europeans is a different ballgame.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to make hair pieces and wigs. I used to work at the cosmetology department at Disney making wigs for the shows. They have an amazing cosmetology department. It was a great experience.

So hair is your life then?

Basically. I love it.

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