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June Spotlight – Fran Voyce

There are only a few members of the Prive team that have been there from the start in Orlando. Fran is one and I sat down with her to see what makes Prive so special to her and the difference between men and women in the chair.

You have been styling for a long time. 13 years I think you said. How did you get into styling and what interested you?

It got into it because it was a passion of mine. The whole fashion industry really. It's fun and I like how styling ties into fashion and how it is a big piece of how people look.

Why styling though and not something else in fashion?

Because I like how styling and what I can create can be anything. It can be wild, conservative, flirty, romantic, bed-heddy, sophisticated. Everyone is different and even the same style can look different on different people. It’s that unique. I love that.

When clients sit in your chair, do they let you create something for them or do they tell you exactly what they want?

Most regular customers leave it up to me. They trust that I will keep it fresh and give them current looks. New clients tell me what they want until we really get to know each other. Then they really like my ideas.

Why Prive?

I love the energy. I liked the people who were running it. I still do, obviously. I liked the clientele. You just know when you walk into a place. I felt it. I had to work here.

Tell me about men vs. women clients when it comes to styling. Who is more concerned about their hair? I love this question.

Guys can be easier because they are less judgmental and more comfortable. They are calmer. If you ask other stylists you might get a different answer. It depends. Some men do freak out about how they are going to look though.

We are getting into humid months. Can you cut and style against humidity?

I hate humidity. It is hard to control and cut hair to withstand it. But products and treatments are really important. Like Keratin for example.

What haven’t you done this year that you want to do?

Go to New York.

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